PSA: Takeya Pitchers now deleted item at Costco


I went into Costco to buy a couple Takeya pitchers for a Christmas present, and noticed they are now a deleted item. That means they won’t be getting in any more shipments of them.

Get them while you can. They run $15 for two of them.


Pretty sweet deal. I highly recommend getting two pitchers for anyone who makes Soylent a pitcher at a time. I ordered a second one originally from Soylent and couldn’t imagine having only one. It would really suck.


I have two pitchers and wouldn’t recommend going with any less. I’m stuck with one right now as my brothers/sisters lost my seals. I’ve ordered a new set, but it stinks having to have just one pitcher.


I use four Frigoverres! But that’s because I run them in the dishwasher after I use the last. Gotta have at least two for sure.


It does. Especially when you drink something like 75% of it in one day.

Thanks for the heads-up OP!


Get them while you can. They run $15 for two of them.

This year they are Costco product 832677. says $24.99 - mine cost $19.99. In October, the closest Costco was out, but the next one down the freeway had 'em. Costco is very nice about looking up regional product inventories for you.

I assumed they were summer product because packaging says Iced Teas and “fruit infused water.” Perhaps they’ll return in the spring. Costco members can use the suggestion box at all stores.


I bought two sets for $19.99 each a few weeks ago to give as Christmas gifts. I’d grab a few more at $15 if available…