Psychiatric changes? Anxeity? Check your pro-biotic intake


Just read an interesting article on how you gut bacteria can have huge affects on your psychiatry. Thought it might be worth sharing.


I wonder if the probiotics found in some multi vitamins are really that effective and could safely replace these microbes we come across in normal food if our diets are otherwise absent of them?

A preliminary search didn’t find anything on this topic.


Obviously I didn’t try hard enough. This looks like a fairly good review of the literature on probiotics although it doesn’t specifically cover the form in which these probiotics are introduced into the diet.

Probiotics in human disease

An excerpt:

Currently, research is being directed toward improving our understanding of specific physiologic effects of the diet beyond its nutritional effect (24). The science of functional food evaluates the potential of the diet to promote health and well-being and to reduce the risk of diseases. A food can be defined as functional if it is shown to beneficially affect one or more target functions in the body beyond adequate nutritional effects in a way that is relevant to either the state of wellbeing and health, or to a reduction in disease incidence (23). The Westernized diet includes few fresh nutritional components and among the nonnutritional components there are few microbes (25). It is characteristic of the diet in economically developed countries to include processed and sterile foods containing artificial sweeteners, preservatives, and in some extreme cases, even antibiotics. Such a diet may deprive the immune system of important tolerogenic signals from the environment. These include antiinflammatory processes promoted by specific microbes (17, 26, 27) and external antioxidants provided by fresh fruit and vegetables (28).


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I will probably continue to eat Green Vibrance and Raw Meal for probiotics and enzymes. Raw Meal for breakfast and two servings of Soylent each day.


The magazine, Science News, recently featured an article called “Genes help determine a persons microbial mix”, In the article they discuss how they determined that, based on genetic differences, there was a different microbial mix in mice, and there has been evidence that its the same in humans.

If its true that everybody has a different microbial mix, and Soylent contains probiotics, it may have additional variation based on an individuals microbiome.