Psyllium Husk - Questions/Suggestions

Im looking to add psyllium husk to my diet to help with constipation. Im going to the store tommorow to pick it up and would like to know what kind I should get powder/pill. How much you take. And if it’s the powder form, do you add it to the whole pitcher or just to your individual “meals” of soylent.

Prefferably looking for responses from people who have had constipation and was able to solve the issue with psyllium husk.

FYI My diet is about 70% Soylent (For the last 3 months).

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The simplest way is in capsules. I take a couple per meal, typically. I haven’t experimented to find if that’s the best way. (I’m also adding some inulin to my pitchers of 1.5.)

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I was doing the capsules first, but decided to try the powder by itself. I mixed it with water in a separate glass and drank it alongside Soylent. I didn’t like the taste or texture that much, so I ended up switching back to the capsules which seem easier to take for me. I generally take whatever is considered 1 serving on the package for each meal.

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I prefer the powder because I can control how much I ingest. I would typically only add it to individual servings of 1.5, though I started by consuming it with orange juice. Taste didn’t bother me much.

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I use the Yerba Prima brand capsules. Either vegetarian or regular, no difference. I take 3 after breakfast and 3 after lunch with a glass of water. I’ll often forget or skip a dosage. Sometimes I’ll take 4 at a time. If I take too many it causes my poops to be like 1 on the Bristol Scale.

I mix one tablespoon of psyllium husk powder into my lunch and dinner soylent meals. It firms up my bowel movements nicely. Ghost poop every day ftw.

ETA: I was never constipated, I just wanted to improve my poop’s consistency.

I do 20 oz water, half cup of soylent 1.5, 2 teaspoons powered psyllium husk and 1 teaspoon green tea matcha powder for breakfast. I leave out the matcha for lunch. Drink plenty of water and get exercise, that helps a lot.