Psyllium Husk Questions

There has been a lot of discussion about psyllium husk being used to harden up stool but I was wondering if there was any consensus on how much to put in a pitcher of Soylent? Also what is the best form? Whole husks? Powdered? Pills? Any particular brand that someone can recommend?

I use about 2 teaspoons of this in a day’s worth of Soylent:

That may be more than what most people would use, but I have Dr’s orders to “eat more fiber, like a wicker chair or something.”


Before you start adding fiber to harden up your stool give your body time to adjust to the amount of fiber that is in Soylent ( I have no idea how long you have been taking it ). The problem may go away on its own. If not I would recommend starting with a teaspoon and see how your body reacts. Give your body time to adjust to the increase in fiber then decide if you need more.


Thanks guys

I was using Soylent for at least 2/3 meals for a week but then I stopped for a couple weeks and have just started back up again…finished 3 days so far. I will take your advice and wait a little as it’s not that big of a deal and my diet was pretty bad prior to Soylent.

Are there any drawbacks to using it?

To using what? fiber? You can OD on fiber. To much and will eventually stop you from absorbing nutrients but you would have to take a ridiculous amount for this to happen.

OK Cool. Thanks again!

I use powder. It takes a quarter tsp of mine.

I believe it’s about 4 grams.

I weigh mine. I’ve been using 4 grams as well. I originally guessed at the amoung, hoping that it wasn’t 1,000 times too much, and it seems to be working good. I’ve been playing around with other parts of my DIY so haven’t wanted to revisit this area since it is working well.

You definitely don’t want to ramp up the fiber too quickly, especially if your previous diet was low in fiber. Let’s just say it can get mighty uncomfortable down there if you do…

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Do you guys just add the psyllium to the Soylent in the pitcher before adding water/oil? I heard someone say they need to use an immersion blender or it clumps.

Wouldn’t that be awesome if Soylent simply switched from gum acacia to psyllium husk? (Gum acacia is actually good for most people, but if you read the one star amazon reviews for "Heather’s Tummy Fiber which is gum acacia, you’ll see a handful of folks who don’t do well with it at all. Their symptoms sound a lot like some of the digestive complaints some people have with Soylent)

I typically add it to the powder

Question to folks who use psyllium (of which there seems to be many!) Does finely ground psyllium mix with Soylent better the than courser stuff? I added some finely ground psyllium to already mixed Soylent (water already added) and I got little gel-like clumps.


It’s generally better to mix fiber into the dry powder to distribute it before mixing with water for just that reason - it will tend to form clumps, stick to the walls, etc., and it can take a while before it fully hydrates and can be shaken loose.

A clump of psyllium powder - coarse or fine - happens because the outside of the clump expands and sticks to itself, but the inside is dry or mostly dry. Little or no water is reaching the dry stuff in the middle because it’s slowed by the thick, pasty stuff on the outside of the clump. It’s hard to mix this away, because the whole clump moves when you shake or stir. If it’s not too thick, it will eventually fully hydrate and spread out when you shake it.

If you can catch it against the wall with the back of the spoon, you can smoosh it, and wet the inside, but it’s impossible to “stir” away. A blender or immersion blender is fast enough to do the trick.

Mixing it in while you’re still in powdered form does the trick because the psyllium grains mix in with the other dry powders; since they’re no longer next to each other, they don’t really get to stick together as they get wet and expand. Most of the other powders don’t clump much (oat flour soaks through more readily) or actually dissolve (maltodextrose dissolves quite well.)


I’m relatively new to Soylent and got the 2.0 version a few months ago.

Everything was going fine as I was starting out slow (2-3 bottles/week), but then I went up to 4-5 bottles/week and the problem started happening: leakage!

I’ve never had this happen to me before so I was pretty petrified/put off and all those things as this always happened right before I was about to leave my house for work.

It happened twice (in one week) and so I stopped using the product even though I love the idea of it so I looked up things I could do to ‘help’. Psyllium Husk came up in a few community discussions so I’m giving that a try as we speak.

I got the pill version which may be a problem in itself: I’m supposed to take 5 pills 3 times/day. That’s 15 pretty large capsules of the stuff. It wasn’t too expensive ($20 for around 200 capsules) but if it works I’ll definitely look into the powder form or, a different way of getting more fiber in.

15 capsules/day = 2.625 grams

Not sure if this is the reason why you were looking for hardened stool but this is my story.

Which pills did you get?!

The Now are .5g ea, recommended dose on the bottle is only 3 per day, 1.5g. Even doing 4g would only be 8 per day.

Hi sorry for delay in responding - I forgot where this tread was.

I got a store brand (‘LIFE’ - I think only available in Canada?) - The pills are large and don’t go down easily. A few times they got stuck in my throat - not pleasant. 5 pills 3 times a day - just too much!

So, I’m now trying another brand: - I know it’s not the husks which is this thread’s topic, but hey. :slight_smile:

2 gummies/day = 4g of fibre.

I am still going easy on Soylent so nothing new to report.