Public editable google doc of ingredients, please help.


Public editable google doc of ingredients


Thank you everyone, I’d like this to become the de-facto ingredient list.


I’m working on an un-editable one (sorry I don’t want my organization to go haywire) here: Has most Amazon links and some notes.

You’re welcome to dl it for yourself or combine the two.

Edit - this list is organized mostly for a Soylent-styled “supplement” for vitamins rather than a complete dietary replacement. I personally don’t plan on drinking my carbs and proteins; I’m more curious of the effects of getting 100%dv of vitamins and other recommended nutrients.


on your uneditable list, are the values for 1 large batch to have throughout the day, or would you need to make it 3 times using those values?


Thank you very much.


This is great! thank you for taking the time to put this together!


Thank you, but as it is right now it’s only ~5% done, please help if you can, any little bit is appreciated.


in the skydrive document, columns H & I are the details of the amazon link - as you can see sometimes these dosages are more than the daily recommended. i haven’t yet calculated daily costs for all nutrients (this would mean “cutting” pills in fractions before consuming).

the things like carbs/protein that have a quant = 1 are because those come in large tubs to be portioned out.

i think you’re asking about the daily rec - those values (column B i think) are for 100% recommended daily value. technically they can be consumed all at once but you can see from other threads that this often leads to feeling sick…


Relevant thread for “next steps”, he also included his sources.


Here’s an un-editable one that I’ve been working on:

Ignore the first two pages (I’ll probably delete them soon). The last four pages lay out the proportions and supplement links for both men and women aged 19-30.

Edit: I switched the doc to one that’s integrated with google docs.


While I’m happy about any knowledge being passed on, I would be a bit concerned about the document being publicly editable.
Some people might base their complete nutrition on such a document - and anyone could edit potentially dangerous doses of some ingredients in.


So I’ve crossed this list with my own personal list, as well as the lists from alexkirkp, unordinare, dovaka, and karlimcbryde.


I’ve copied some of the posted spreadsheets into the publicly editable one, including my own. I think this might be a good way for people to see many different ways of viewing the same information (and variations on the information).

I’ve been doing 1 meal per day since about March 17th, and soylent-only for 3 days. I was more concerned with getting a meal-replacement set up than 100% of all the vitamins, but it should be pretty easy to add additional supplements on as desired. Feedback on my spreadsheet is welcome!

My version is vegan and allergen-free. I’m pretty happy with the way it tastes, although I might add some sugar. I mix a day’s worth of calories in a gallon freezer bag and then mix as necessary with water in a blender bottle.