Purchasing homemade soylent UK


Hi everyone I’m from the UK and I’m looking to buy someone’s homemade soylent about two weeks to a months worth to try it out before I commit to buying all the ingredients.

If anyone would be interested in letting me purchase theirs and see the recipe (so I know what I’m drinking) please contact me.



Hi, have you managed to get some already? We have some Soylent that we are willing to sell. If you pm me your email than I can give you some more info.



I’m kind of in the same boat as you, db_outdoors. I plan to get some Soylent when it becomes available but in Jan I’m going to try a week or two of DIY Soylent from a user here. He’s in Ireland.



I’m in the south UK but work in Rotterdam every week, I’d like to try some DIY Soylent too. Can’t work out how to send private messages on here though - must be getting old!

PM me an email address and we’ll sort something out.


I could potentially help out here. My own recipe is a bit unusual but I have plenty of ingredients left from earlier formulations with which I could concoct something more standard. I’m based in Coventry.

That said I spent a lot of time researching to come up with my own recipes and in good conscience can only recommend you do the same. If this isn’t an option for you for whatever reason, and you trust my research/reasoning/recipes, get in touch.

@benny_mac, send PMs by clicking on a user, there’s a blue ‘send PM’ button. Not sure if your account needs to be a certain age or anything like that though.


Hi there, that is weird - I have the same issue as @benny_mac describes - I can’t send PMs. I can see the private message button but no screen loads after pressing in any of my browsers. Weird.

In any case: we’re based in the Netherlands so if you haven’t figured anything out with @richardtkemp we can also help. What he says is to research your own recipe, which is a good idea and kind of fun too.

I’ve made a spreadsheet and an accompanying document where you can read more about the soylent we sell and how to customize it to suit your needs.

Hope that this helps you in your quest!