Purchasing Soylent components separately


In my experimentations, I’ve noticed a distinct improvement in overall energy as well improved mental performance in a number of categories whenever I’ve supplemented my diet with a an extra 2 tablespoons of the official Soylent blend. Supplementing with grapeseed oil has also provided similar results, but not to the same extent as supplemental official Soylent oil blend.

@JulioMiles, is it on the team’s roadmap a plan to sell the oil blend (as is) as a distinct product? If not, could it be? ( I’d be a guaranteed customer )


Interesting… so a little extra oil made that much of a difference eh? I wonder if any additional amount of canola oil would change anything. Would there be any downside to adding more to a pitcher?


I only have two case studies to work from, so I don’t know for sure. But the first day I tried was a glorious day; I felt energetic, driven, focused, and ready to take on the world. The second and third times I was suffering from sleep deprivation, so not quite so glorious, but still improved versus how zombified I expected to be.

I want to order more to get a more scientific self-experiment to confirm my suspicions. I have no intention of shorting my future self of much needed oils.


@livingparadox you should get in touch with some vegan Soylent folks to see if they will order regular Soylent and send on the oils to you… Wouldn’t hurt to ask anyway.


I thought of that, but I don’t know which Vegans are abstaining for moral reasons and which just don’t personally want the oil. Do you happen to fall into the second category @vanclute? Haha


That sounds like a lot of trouble to go through for the oil. According to Rob, the oil is just a blend of canola (56g) and fish (6.4) oil. Both are exceptionally cheap to buy.


Hmmm… But I don’t know what type of fish oil they added. The nutrition can apparently change between different types of fish. Or does it not vary much?


It is unimportant what fish it is sourced from, what is important is the quantity of the omega-3 fatty acids DHA and EPA and that the source fish oil has stringent quality controls to detect and eliminate environmental contaminants like PCBs, dioxins, and mercury, and also to limit exposure to heat, UV light, and oxygen. DHA and EPA are both polyunsaturated fatty acids which are quite sensitive to oxidation and rancidity. I don’t know where you live, but if you have the grocery store chain Publix, there is a brand they sell at the pharmacy counter called “Ocean Blue Professional 2100” that has 1050mg of Omega-3 per capsule and which meets all of the quality control measures; it’s also available online from other sources. Two other trusted brands of fish oil are Nordic Naturals and Carlson Labs.


Alright, I’ll look into that, then. Than you very much.


About all I know is the fish oil in the Soylent blend is from Iceland.



I picked up this krill oil from Costco. It’s got the fatty acids you want, it’s as low as it gets on the food chain to help make it sustainable, it’s in capsule form to keep it from going rancid (you want to take it as a capsule, not blend it into your soylent). (Costco has a cheaper brand available mail-order).


How many are you taking per day? That is an extraordinarily expensive source for omega-3s if one’s aim is to maintain a dietary intake ratio of no more than 3:1 for omega-6:omega-3. The first one you listed that is sold in-store at Costco works out to over $4.50 per gram of omega-3, and the second “cheaper” one you listed is still way over $1 or $2 per gram of omega-3 depending on how you run the numbers (since it is currently on a sale price until 07/20). Neither one of their labels seems very accurate since if one adds up the listed values for EPA and DHA one gets a smaller number than is listed on the line which states the total quantity of omega-3.


Since I’m using Soylent at the moment I just bought them for supplement. I’m less concerned about cost than sustainability, since I’m not buying much, and since sustainability worries me in general.


Ah, okay that makes sense. :slight_smile: That is a slightly different use-case than what @livingparadox was talking about I think, but I might be mistaken.


I’m only slightly different. I’m on official Soylent and looking to supplement my oil. I weight al cost a bit higher, but the sustainability does peak my interest.