Purchasing Soylent


I’m considering purchasing Soylent, I’m a bit concerned about the process so far, hasn’t stated any information pertaining to when I’ll be able to enter my specifications on the checkout page. I’m assuming it will be available once I’ve made the purchase, but I’d like to confirm it.

In short, once purchased, will I be able to enter my specifications for the order, or is there another process I’m not aware of? I’d like to get this completed as soon as possible so I can begin the wait for my first shipment of this incredible nutrition supplement. I’d really appreciate some help.

Thank you! ;D


What specifications are you referring to? Soylent is currently a one-size fits (male or female) all.


I thought we’d be able to customize it according to body size, level of physical activity, and weather or not you were excising to lose weight or gain muscle. In my current state, I’m underweight at around 110lb, I have a fast metabolism, and I’m currently working at a data entry position that doesn’t entail…activity.


They’ve stated that they’re hoping to make something along those lines down the road, but for the initial production run, they’re focusing on keeping it (relatively) simple. So far it’s unknown exactly when “specialized” Soylent will hit the market, but I wouldn’t hold your breath; it’s pretty complex, and probably needs quite a bit of testing. Maybe half a year, maybe more (or maybe we’ll be surprised and it will only be a few months - but I sort of doubt it, haha)


As to answer the original question, Soylent comes currently in 2 versions: I believe it’s 1800 calories and 2200 calories. The micronutrients are the same in each version.
I answered my questions through a Backerkit survey sent out after my order was placed. I’m not sure how they are handling new orders.


I’m still waiting on that kit. Purchased 2 weeks worth, felt like a single week wouldn’t be enough to show any significant changes or even allow my body to fully adjust. I’ll try four weeks after I observe the results. Thanks for the assistance everyone, really appreciate it! ;D


The questions my survey asked only allowed me to specify that I wanted a Men’s formula for non-vegans. I couldn’t specify a caloric intake - I’d like something 2500-3500 if possible. Is Soylent meant to be drank with the same ratios at all amounts of intake, meaning I would just use more mix in a day if I wanted more calories? I wonder if I would get sick.


The men’s formula is the higher calorie, the women’s formula is the lower calorie. The micronutrient ratios are the same.


Is it healthy you drink 2x recommended amount of Soylent’s official mix per day to double your calories? (Yes / No)


Likely (no)

Longer answer: they’ve stated generally that you should be able to drink according to your body’s natural hunger response, and be fine. Logically, that should mean that if you legitimately needed 2x the calories, and didn’t start overeating… you could drink twice as much? But 2x might be pushing it, as you could get an awful lot of excess on various other things, which may not go up in DRI along with a higher caloric need.

But if it’s just calories you need, it would probably be a lot easier and cheaper to just buy some extra oat flour/maltodextrin/something to “bulk up” your Soylent. Nothing as complex as a full DIY formula, but simple enough to save you some money & RDI concern.


That’s a great idea actually! Thanks for the help; I’ll look into those bulk products. I was looking at some other competitors but they add in their own nutrients too so I was at a loss.


I read somewhere that Rob sometimes goes through two bags in one day when he’s very active.