Pure amino acids


Has anyone tried using pure amino acids instead of protein powder? Whey protein makes it hard to ascertain the source of the milk, so you are likely getting something made from cows that where given a lot of antibiotics and artificial growth hormones, on top of residual toxicity from eating grains, which are not a natural food for cattle. Pure amino acids would give a very exacting level of nutrition, and be assimilated very quickly and easily. That’s my guess, at least. The cost for protein would go up to double from what I calculated with the cheapest whey powder I could find, though.


I just wonder if you or anyone else have tried this?


Is there any science or research that suggests there’s some negative effect from cattle being given hormones or antibiotics that makes its way to whey protein powder? I tend to get very skeptical when I hear people talk about “toxins” and such.


It depends on the source of the milk. There is evidence of hormones and antibiotics (not allowed in certain countries), and by products making it into the milk, as well as by products of inflammation due to the grains that are not a natural part of the diet of any animal, except a handful of birds and insects. If you look at the prices of whey protein from organic, grass fed cow’s milk, the pure amino acids are a bargain.


Not yet, the initial investment to get quality, lab grade nutrients is a little steep for me at this time, the base setup cost is around $700, and some suppliers don’t ship to Canada, so the logistics are complex.