Pure sulfur, safe?


Since MSM isnt sold in my country, and not other types that i could find, my only option it seemed is to by pure sulfur from the pharmacy lab.

Do you know if this is safe to eat? They know that I intend to consume it, but they werent that knowlegable about sulfur.

So I could by 100g of pure sulfur for quite cheap. Then I guess I would add maybe 1g a day in my mix. What do you guys think?


This isn’t an answer to your question, but it’s worth stating that sulfur is contained in amino acids, and adequate protein intake should provide adequate sulfur. We all started adding sulfur to our mixes because Rob had a sulfur deficiency, but he may have simply been giving himself too little protein. So like, not having sulfur in your mix is totally an option.

Hope somebody else can answer your actual question!


It’s a while since I studied chemistry, but I don’t think elemental sulphur would dissolve in your soylent. You could maybe get away with taking it in capsules but Sulphur makes some nasty compounts, who knows what it would do inside you?

If I were you I would either
a) get plenty of protein and not worry about it or
b) try again to find MSM or some other food-safe sulphur compound.


Thanks for your answer. I suspect that due to psoriasis and me climbing and other stuff, that I might be in need of additional sulfur. My basic shake is about 80g of whey protein and 10g of casein protein a day. This should according to my calculations amount to about 2g of sulfur each day. However, if I may need more sulfur, or if my calculations are wrong, I may be needing more sulfur than this. MSM is stated as a “medicine”/“pharmaceutical” (however that is spelled) and therefore any package I import will be sent back. I can try my luck ofcourse.

My question is therefor this; since I can by elemental sulfur, will this be safe to consume, and in the same way as MSM be beneficial. Hope anyone can enlighten about this. I will however ask if the pharmacy can provide me with organic sulfur (which is MSM) but I doubt it since they only told me about elemental sulfur.



I’m curious, what country are you in that doesn’t allow MSM?

I would be hesitant to use elemental sulfur for the same reason as @richardtkemp. Would you consider using a methionine/cysteine-rich protein like rice protein (since those are the sulfur-containing amino acids)?


Norway. We got a list of all compounds illegal to import and all of the types of sulfur that one can buy (and eat) is classified as “prescription only” meaning I cant buy it.

I could switch but that would likely offset my recipe. So I am a little reluctant on that. It isnt as cheap as whey either. Most stores selling protein and stuff only sell whey, casein and soy protein. Protein alone is 20% of my recipe cost.


Truenutrition.com has rice protein cheaper than whey. They say they ship internationally, but I don’t know how Norwegian import rules would treat it.

Interesting that MSM is prescription-only in Norway! I guess here in the US, our government would forbid imports of it too if we considered it prescription-only.


Any reason why you wouldn’t just eat a little garlic one a week or so? Probably get all the sulfur you need that way. If I start running into issues (and I may, because I’m not sure I’m getting any sulfur in my recipe), I’ll see if throwing garlic at the problem solves it.


It seemed to help to throw in a meal or two of eggs and onions once a week, but given that i have psoriaris and climb i may need a more regular supply.

Im not even sure if they sell MSM in norway either. I can buy some skinlotion with MSM in it thats all. So I have hopes that maybe the pharmacy can make me smaller amounts from the lab. Maybe. Even though it is classified as prescription only. Alot of the items on that “import list” is from way back so even though it is enforced, it isnt appliable anylonger as the evidence for MSM seems more on the positive side.

No amount of internetsearching can give me any indication if elemental sulfur is safe or not to eat. Most sources just jump right to organic sulfur.


You could also look for methionine or cysteine supplements (the pure amino acids). Methionine has a molar mass of 149.21 g/mol, and cysteine has 121.16 g/mol. Elemental sulfur is 32 g/mol. So to get 2g of sulfur, you’d need 9.3g of methionine, or 7.5g of cysteine. For comparison, MSM has a molar mass of 94.13 g/mol, so you’d need 5.8g. The U.S. DRI’s minimum daily amount of methionine+cysteine (the sum of both aminos) is 1.21g, so these are high but still reasonable levels of these aminos. So tl;dr I think these amino acids could reasonably be used as a sulfur supplement.


Another thread on sulfur found recommendations for methionine+cysteine intake of 1.3g for a 100kg person (from the WHO) or 3-4g (from an NIH study). IIRC, the 2g of sulfur number came from one of Rob’s blog posts, and it’s never been clear where he got the number. He may have been taking 2g to compensate for three months without sulfur at that point. Methionine is about 21.5% sulfur, so even the higher recommendation from the NIH study would make 2g more than twice what the science suggests.