Purpose of username query string in links to posts?


When I click the “chain-links” icon on any Discourse post, the URL given has my username at the end. For example:


I’m curious: What is the purpose of including usernames in these links?


You’ll want to flag @codinghorror, he’s the coder. My guess? He uses it for statistics to see who is sharing links via the system since the link immediately redirects to the URL without the username.


Yeah, I’m pretty sure it’s for referral count. This forum doesn’t make use of it, but others under the Discourse system might.


Eventually there will be earnable badges for sharing links that get visited a lot. The querystring is so that you get credit for sharing and helping grow the community.


Badges? But I never win anything :frowning: can there be a “super fan or soylent” people’s choice badge.


…and now I see you’ve already won 4 badges. :wink:


And here I was deleting that string so I could share simpler URLs. :stuck_out_tongue:


@o@. ::gasp!!::
I’d like to thank the little people, the one month and unders like me. We did it guys! And the one month an overs for prepping us for the future