Putting some faith in Coffiest...Just ordered 144 bottles

Didn’t subscribe yet but I’m going to be starting a new gig soon and mixing coffee {caffeine} and food {breakfast}, with a snack somewhere in there is going to be a huge timesaver.

Not opposed to adding some sweetener or something to make it better if needed…My only hope is it keeps me full!

Haven’t ever tried it yet…Any advice or feedback?

Links to posts here are also fine, thanks!



My biggest thought is that you probably could have ordered a single box of Coffiest to know if it was right for you before ordering. 12 boxes of Soylent is a lot to get rid of if it turns out you dislike it after the first bottle.

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I’m from Texas…It’s go big, or go home around here!

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You are from Texas… why are you not eating some kind of beef product? :yum:


Beefoylent. :wink:


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You’ll probably like it. Very few negative reviews, and I still love it after consistently drinking it since it was released. Surprisingly, I still get the stimulated/focused nootropic effect – that’s one of the main draws for me, as it noticeably boosts my mental performance. I still want to chug one and have a face-to-face debate about the merits of fully automated luxury communism.

But still, all things considered… DAMN that’s a lot of Coffiest. Go big or go home, right? Just maybe don’t drink it for every meal. It’s tempting.

In theory it reminds me of when Coke came with real cocaine. I don’t think it makes you more thoughtful to drink lots of caffeine.


Hey I like it! Slightly bitter but adding a packet of Splenda or something helps… I usually just drink it as is…i ordered a couple boxes of 2.0 as well, which I find has a nicer finish than the original 2.0…might just be me though. Don’t know if they changed the formula.

Decent amount of caffeine and keeps me medium full… All in all I say this is a good solution for me right now and I’ll be ordering more of coffiest and 2.x when I’m done with what I have.


So my verdict is in after finishing all 144.

No issues with the taste but it doesn’t keep me full and I think I’m allergic to something in it because I get a lot of gas and hemroids.

Both went away about a day or so after I finished my last bottle.

Allergic might be the wrong word to use, feel free to sub a better one in there

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