Q's about Carbs


I am getting close to finalising my Soylent build. But I am confused as regards to Carbs. Some spreadsheets I have seen on here don’t even list it? What type of Carbs should I eat and how do I calculate my required intake. Also won’t the protein have a carb aspect?

Maltodextrin seems to be the go-to carb to buy, is it ok? and why?


I wrote a post covering this a few days ago: http://discourse.soylent.me/t/alternatives-of-maltodextrine/389/4

If it doesn’t answer your questions, let me know!


Thanks, that helped reassure me that Maltodextrin was the way to go :smile:

Does this product look ok , and do i just take 200g of it per day - is it as simple as that?

This will be the foundation of the soylent so I’m trying to get this right, apologies if these are stupid questions.


That says it’s just pure Maltodextrin, so yes, that’s what you want.

And yes, afaik, just mix into your solyent in whatever quantity works best for your goals.


ok thanks for the input duncanlock, very much appreciated !