Quality control / difference between batches in v1.4 (very sweet to very salty)


My last batch of soylent 1.4 was so sweet that I could barely drink it. Felt like eating candy, kinda sugar spikey. I usually replace a lot of meals but because of the sweet taste and sugar heavy feeling, not at all satiating, I only sipped it occasionaly.

Today I started a new lot (different shipping). Crazy super salty. I have to get used to it at first, initial gag reflexes needed to be overcome. Now that I slowly adopted to it, it’s more like I remember 1.4 to taste like from my first shipment (I have 4x 1 months shipments). It is also satiating again and makes me feel full and happy.

Lot # way too sweet soylent: L5049

Lot # salty (normal?) soylent: G5078DA

I am freakishly worried that I don’t know what I’m putting into my body and might mess up my metabolism. I love soylent and recommend it to so many people around me, but this is an issue that needs to be addressed …


You should send this information to customer service. I haven’t seen this phenomenon in the 56 bags I’ve received.


Are you on 100% Soylent?


No, not 100% maybe 50% to 75%, but I switched hard from one Lot to the other.


The reason I ask is that I’ve noticed my perception of taste differs depending on what I’ve eaten (I’m on about half Soylent). I never understood why some people claimed 1.4 was salty until I had some after drinking some sweetened spearmint tea, and it did taste salty (for part of the glass, anyway; it tasted more normal as I drank more). This was a serving from the middle of a pitcher I was already consuming. Our senses of smell and taste are clearly not calibrated scientific instruments.

I’m not saying there isn’t a difference, but my own experience has been quite variable with unflavored 1.4 even within a single bag. I don’t think it’s worth “freakishly” worrying about if your only complaint is that it tastes different to you. I vaguely recall there was talk of testing on each lot, but I’m not worried enough to do a forum search; perhaps you could give that a try? You’re also more likely to get an official response by emailing info@soylent.me with your concern.


I had this issue with previous versions - it is a real (rare?) problem and can indeed happen - but not with 1.4 (for me, so far, anyway).

Soylent is good about returns and such tho, so I’d listen to the above poster; contact them directly. At the very least, they’ll appreciate any constructive feedback.


I had the same two batches… Neither seemed too sweet or salty but in the 2nd batch I’d occasionally get an unpleasant bitter aftertaste. Maybe this is umami? Some taste it as salty, but perhaps I’m sensing bitter? Strange…


I doubt it’s an issue with the Soylent, especially if you’re not on a 100% Soylent diet. Like wezaleff said, I notice a difference in my perception of the taste of Soylent based off of what I’ve been eating. Sometimes it tastes somewhat sweeter, blander, or saltier depending on what normal food I’ve eaten or how much normal food I’ve had. Consider that you may be a very sensitive taster and very perceptive to changes. Our perception of how things taste also differs depending on mood and other factors.


I understand your logic, but since I know what I ate at each point in time I know this is not the case. Also my girlfriend consumes the same Soylent I do, and she refuses to eat the new soylent batch. She says it’s too salty for her and makes her gag, while she was downing the previous batch like nobodys business.


copying @Conor. it’s possible this is the same reason why some batches are slimy while some batches are smooth/creamy, as it’s simply a matter of the powder not being mixed evenly enough.


Interesting that people object to saltiness and say it makes them gag. I don’t think I would gag if I tried to eat a spoonful of salt, just spit it out. To me, gagging is on the edge of vomiting, and I don’t think salt could make me vomit. Anyway, I don’t find 1.4 salty.


A glass of salt water can induce gagging in some… But it does sound extreme the way people describe it. Because that would be a lot more salt than what is suppose to be in Soylent.


I just experienced this for the first time this morning. I got a large batch of 1.4 when it came out, and just received a new replacement batch. My first bag of the new batch is very neutral, and has almost no saltiness to it. I had grown very accustomed to a salty taste, and I was surprised by the difference.

I opened the last bag of my original batch and mixed a second pitcher. It doesn’t taste similar to my new batch at all. New batch is texturally less smooth, more neutral, and less salty. I blended both batches, mixing is not an issue. They’re different.