Quantified Self Finland


Never heard of this guy before but he went on to talk about Soylent for the Quantified Self conference.


He popped up in a few places. :smiley:


Thanks for posting this video, rui! Mikko is a very interesting and well-spoken person – also I hadn’t heard of the Quantified Self thing before. I’ll be checking that out – thanks for the heads-up.


Hi all, and great to notice that my interview has risen some interest :slight_smile: We’ve been really inspired by Rob and his team efforts on Soylent project. While testing it out ourself, we’ve been developing a completely new, organic, recipe at the same time. We call it Ambro ( www.theambro.com ) and we’re currently looking early adopters to the second round of private beta. There’s some more background of Ambro and us in this thread: http://discourse.soylent.me/t/organic-soylent-from-finland/4411