Queal 3.0 is here!

Hey everyone!

We would like to announce a bunch of new updates at Queal:

  • Brand new website
  • Brand new bags
  • Oil is now incorporated into the powder
  • Improved and updated micro-nutrient profile
  • Improved texture and flavour
  • All ingredients resourced for quality improvement
  • Improved shipping times

Check out a comprehensive list of our updates and improvements here!
Also, come have a look at the full breakdown of the new recipe, Queal 3.0, right here!


Does Queal contain any quail?

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Yes, it’s 95% quail.
The other 5% is duck.

You can read all about it at our Queal 3.0 recipe blog, here: https://queal.eu/queal-3-0/

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Quick question from looking at the Queal 3.0 update. It says the macronutrient ratios have been changed, resulting in a decrease in fat and an increase in fiber. Fiber is, by definition, indigestible carbohydrates, which do not contribute calories (and would generally not be categorized as macronutrients). While I’m all for a diet high in fiber, I don’t see how reducing fats and increasing fiber maintains the same total calories.

That is, how is the 2100 kcal variant still 2100 kcal after these changes?

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Actually, the old recipe was higher than 2100kcal, but we rounded down to the nearest 100; which was 2100kcal.
The new recipe is exactly 2100kcal. (Well, 2102kcal to be precise, but close enough.)