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It’s official, guys. After months of hard work, we are proud to announce that we will be bringing Queal to the United States and Canada! In early 2017, we plan on shipping out the very first orders. If you want to be notified as soon as it’s available, go to our US webpage and leave your email address. It’s as simple as that. We’re super excited for this huge step for Queal, and we hope you are just as excited to enjoy what we have to offer :slight_smile:


Amazing that it can take the RF product name like that and use it to promote their product.

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How much does the shipping cost?

RR intentionally made soylent the name, to be used by all.

Yes, but I thought that Soylent was the name of the RF product, while soylent was the name of the imitators. In other words, soylent with a lower case is the general product, but the only similar product produced by the company is called Soylent. In the case above, the whole line was deliberately made uppercase, so this product could claim to be the best tasting Soylent.

I think a) giving other products the right to use the term soylent was a mistake, since the company spent considerable time and money promoting itself and some of that money is wasted since similarly named products get some of the benefit. b) similar products should not be allowed to use cap Soylent for any reason, subject to discussion with RF, because it is then difficult to distinguish between real Soylent and imitation soylent.

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Information wants to be free. But they probably didn’t copyright trademark etc it anyway. RR made all sorts of mistakes. This one is pretty far down the list. Why do you care? Competition is good.

For clarification, there is no difference between s and S.

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That’s not what Charlton Question sa[ys | id].

… always lurking the boards…

This is why we get impatient for a response, we know your out their reading our relentless questions… :smile_cat:


Most everyone in the company lurks the boards. :wink:


Thanks. I’m sure I saw that distinction made more than once on this site, in particular in the DIY area, but the people who said it must have been wrong.

I guess I could start selling a product now called
The Real Original Soylent
and the company wouldn’t object?

Hey guys!

We’ll ship out from within the US, so it’ll be similar to standard domestic shipping costs for other US based webshops. Canadian orders will be shipped from the US as well. We’ll publish exact shipping costs when we have them figured out.

Making that sentence all upper-case was honestly not deliberate, it’s just stylization we use throughout the site.

With regards to the whole soylent/Soylent thing: Like Conor said, it doesn’t work that way. Soylent has registered the name ‘Soylent’ (and rightfully so!), and this is making things more difficult for companies like us in certain areas.

The issue is; ‘soylent’ is becoming the mainstream term for these kinds of products, over e.g. ‘powdered food’, ‘complete food’, ‘future food’, etc… Kind of like kleenex vs ‘tissues’ or sharpie vs ‘permanent marker’.

This is something Soylent should be (and probably is) really happy about, because that’s a major marketing win for them! As a friendly competitor, we’d rather call it ‘powdered food’ to be honest. :smile:

Simple fact of the matter is, most people know the product category as ‘soylent’, and thus that’s what we use from time to time to clarify.

So far Queal only sold in Europe, and those sparingly few times we’ve used the word ‘soylent’ it only worked in Soylent’s favor, making the term more mainstream for the product category. Now that Queal is coming to the US and Canada, things might change.

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I’m just waiting for Soylent Classic to be released. (Just kidding, I really like 1.7!)

Thanks for your response. I don’t think Soylent has become this generic name at all except that it is classic advertising theory to link something that isn’t selling to something that is selling. You could call your product “Soylent-like” and I wouldn’t object at all.

And to answer someone else’s question: the reason I objected is that I was genuinely shocked to see something that is clearly NOT Soylent calling itself the best-tasting Soylent. I can tell you right now that if someone says “Hey, they released a new version of Soylent today,” we are NOT going to be rushing to the Queal site to see what’s new. We know what the real Soylent is and it is not your product. I was shocked that you either don’t understand that or at least you pretend not to understand that.

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I think it’s odd that RR decided to call his soylent “Soylent” as if it was the only one, when that was never his goal. So the original error is his/theirs by misusing the word (by his own definition). You are in a very RF-focused world, so you don’t realize that most people in the movement do not think of RF when they hear soylent.

It’s amazing that you are so knowledgeable about this movement when you actually had to ask what Stevia was twice! And I’m not certain you know yet.

But since you are such an expert, can you tell me how large this movement was when RF started its business and how large it is now?

This thread is drifting off topic. Take personal back and forths to PM’s please.

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