Quest: DIY soylent that comes very close to the official soylent


I want this thread for DIY products that make it easier to get so close as possible to the real soylent.
So products that don’t contain 5000% of every B-vitamin or all kind of superfoods, or additives, whatever.
I think you get the idea.

Of course, you could buy every ingredient at sites like purebulk, and then weigh every ingredient and put that into a mixture. That is an option, but very painfull to measure all of that every day.

So if you maybe know for example some powder that contains all the B-vitamins in 100%, then please share it here.
I doubt if we are going to find the perfect products, but we can try to get close, for example, look at this one:


  • Contain allmost every ingredient of the vitamin, mineral blend of soylent
  • No megadosis


  • It contain soy protein (7 gram) and soy flour
  • contains iron (already high in rice protein and oats)
  • contains some herbs (142 mg)


Check out this:


If I would have infinite time and motivation, I may have tried that one … but I’m not in that position :stuck_out_tongue:


@BriBy also has one close to the 1.0 Soylent:


You could also try this:


Over the last couple days I’ve been trying to redesign my own imitation-Soylent recipe (Schmoylent) to taste more like the official stuff (vanilla) instead of unflavored oatmoal. I had been using a 2:1 ratio of oat flour to maltodextrin, but realized that Soylent has the ratio reversed. So I tried that, and all variations between (1:2, 1:1: 4:3, 2:1):

My conclusion?

Whey protein isolate and maltodextrin are not a winning flavor combination. Yuck! :stuck_out_tongue: I’m going to try rice protein instead now. I just bought some at the store and it didn’t actually seem chalky to me…

(This will be a fun week eating all the remainders of my experiments for breakfast, lunch, and dinner…)

Trying these again after they’ve had a day and night to sit in the fridge, the recipes that have more oat flour than maltodextrin taste fine, but the ones with more maltodextrin still taste weird… :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes! :smiley: Finally made a recipe that tastes almost exactly like official Soylent!

I guess using vanilla-flavored rice protein instead of whey protein isolate was the trick - who knew that you’d have to use the same ingredients as Soylent to get it to taste like Soylent? :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve updated the ingredients list on my site (where you can order some Schmoylent to try!) and on the Powdered Foods marketplace, here.