Question about Frothiness


So I’m officially on day one of my attempted switch to Soylent using the recipe that I found here ( with a couple extra things like cinnamon and vanilla that I heard about from this video ( to add to the taste.

At this point, because I’m leaving out the multivitamin, and adding those flavorings, the taste is not too bad. However, whenever I pour out a cup, I see a solid 1/2 inch of froth on top of the drink. I’m a very texture based eater/drinker, and the froth can make it pretty unpleasant for me to drink, even though it tastes alright. Has anyone experimented with ways to reduce or remove the amount of froth in their own recipes of Soylent?



I haven’t had that quantity of froth in my own mixes, but one thought would be to use a straw. Unless your mixture is very chunk-free, you’d probably have to find some wide straws.


You can make it chunk-free by thoroughly mixing the powder before adding fluids.

Also, if you use a shaker which has a grid insert, most of the froth should be “caught” by that.


Ah, i think the chunks were a big part of the problem. Thanks for the advice!