Question about mixing big batches


Curious whether I can make a huge batch of DIY soylent powder and then scoop out meal at a time. My main concern would be that each scoop may have lumps of unevenly mixed ingredients. For example, maybe I scoop out a pocket of settled salt and I end up getting 1000% sodium for that day. Am I reaching or is it safer to mix up only one day’s worth of ingredients at a time?


You could make or get something akin to a cement mixer and let it run for a few hours. Just make sure to not let any liquid get in there.


How do you plan to mix it up? Chris has a nice mixing video.

I have a small scale, so I mix one day at a time, but then add that to a large bucket that holds about a weeks worth. That lets me scoop out single meals whenever I want. It’s pretty easy to get a single day mixed thoroughly.


I really liked this video. A previous one I had seen involved pulling together daily pouches and looked to require more dexterity than I actually have.

I’m in research mode in case I decide I have to go the DIY route. That would both cut the costs and give me more control so I’m not dealing with version changes. But first I have to find Canadian equivalents for some of this stuff especially the powdered supplements (I can get capsules but I need to do a translation).



I had the same concern, Gold Nigga. I was afraid I might miss essential minerals over the course of a few days if I didn’t scoop the right “spot” or mix a big batch properly. I don’t know about a “huge” batch, but I think as long as you consume the entire week’s worth within a week, you should be fine. The D in RDA is actually dietary, not daily, so it’s recommending you get X amount of Y over the course of a few days.


Concerns about ‘settling’ of ingredients apply more to items that are going to be shipped multiple times, stocked on shelves, etc. Unless your home vibrates frequently, it’s mostly a non-issue.

If you’re very concerned and want to be certain, consider making two mixes:

  1. Macro mix - the big ingredients, like your calorie sources (carbs, proteins). They mix together well, don’t settle, and it’s no big deal if you get a little more/less of one or the other.
  2. Micro mix - the small-quantity powders with your vitamins, minerals, etc. If these have very different textures, settling may be possible - but the total amount of powder is so low, that it will be easy to re-mix the whole container by before taking out a day’s serving. (I prefer rolling to shaking, to avoid dust clouds.)

You’ll have to dose out from two containers to make a daily dose, but you can get visible confirmation that you’re getting a good mix. Also, this lends itself to adjusting the mix - for example, on workout days, you might want extra calories, or on diet days, fewer calories, but still want to get your vitamins/minerals.

In practice, though, the macro powders do good job of keeping the micro powders well-dispersed. Settling is mostly an issue when the ingredients are fairly large and of wildly different shapes and size and densities. For example, bran flakes and raisins are completely different - when a box of cereal goes through shipping, we know where all the raisins end up.


I did DIY for about 10 months. I eventually started making as big a batch as I could mix with the bowls my wife had. I could mix 3 days worth in the 2 bowls so I made 6 days at a time. I used a wire whisk to mix everything up. I would put them into smaller Rubermaid containers that would hold about 1.5 days worth. It all seemed to work perfect. I couldn’t tell any difference at least visually or taste. If you are doing DIY mixing days worth at a time is 100% the way to go.


I mix 30 days at a time in a 5 gal bucket. See photos and info here

I leave it in the bucket and measure out each day’s as I mix it.


That is epic, and at $2.something a day?!


Thanks for the encouragement. I’ll make a wider post on the forum.


Yes, that’s pretty darn impressive, @hess8. It’s like a much more inexpensive version of my very first Schmoylent formula! :slight_smile: