Question About Pausing

I just signed up for auto shipments. The way I estimate, in a few months I’ll be building up a little excess supply, where it would make sense to pause.

So my first ship date is 1/11/17. Next 2/11/17, etc.

Lets say in late May or early June I decide I have too much. Do I simply pause before June 11th?

Then when I unpause, will it resume the next scheduled “11th day of the month” or resume on the day I decide to unpause?

you can pause at any time, for up to 8 weeks. it will auto unpause on the date selected
if you run out early, do “Need more now” and it will be shipped in 48 hours.


Basically, yeah. What I would do is pause as soon as you decide you don’t want the next shipment; otherwise (if you’re like me) you may forget. When you pause now, they let you select a duration for the pause from 1-8 weeks, and it should show you a date that it is paused until. Previously you could pause indefinitely; I still have some “paused” subs from back in the day that won’t resume until I do it manually. The new pause feature is more like a “delay” feature.

I believe it will pause until the date shown in the pause dropdown menu, which is determined at the time you pause (so plus 7-56 days). I hit the “need more now” button instead of waiting for it to unpause naturally. I don’t think I’ve ever properly used any of the account management options, but it works for me.


Got it. I understand now. Thanks!

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