Question about side-effects


Say I begin using Soylent as a meal replacement. I have ordered the 2 week supply to start. If I rely solely on Soylent for an extended amount of time and then decide to eat a regular meal with friends, what are the complications that could arise from my body adapting to the processing of Soylent versus regular foods?

I’ve heard someone voice the concern of possible Gall Bladder infections?


One thing I’ve noticed is difficulty with a very fatty/greasy meal when I am regularly consuming Soylent. Don’t know if it is because my body has not needed to deal with the excess fat for a while (ala the work of the gallbladder ) & has gotten “sleepy”. But it reminded me to be more moderate in my consumption.


Indeed, be wary of super greasy stuff. Thus far that’s about the only thing I have had problems with.


if you eat healthy and go to fast food you will have the same problem. I remember years ago i was on good staples and was on a road trip with a friend. We stopped and got fast food. I think I was able to eat half a sandwich. Listen to your body. You won’t be able to handle the sodium either.


The only but major complication I am experiencing is a signifacant decrese in HDL (good) choleterol. It’s down to 21 which is way below the minimum of 39. Been on soylent for about 6 months now, consuming it 90% of the time. Before I started soylent it was about 43.


whats the best way to get that? Eggs?


exercise is the recommendation I have heard most often to raise HDL.