Question about Single Serving Soylent - half vs whole serving


In the manual and on the back of the scoop it instructs you to use 1 scoop of soylent and 2 scoops of water to make one serving, but on the handle of the scoop it says “1/2 meal.” So when I make soylent using 1 scoop soylent & 2 scoops water am I making a full single serving of soylent or only half?


That is a half serving. Be sure to add the recommended oil


Thanks! So am I correct in assuming that it constitutes approx 333 calories?


Basically the scoop was designed prior to 1.0 and they guessed wrong on the measurements. A bag is roughly 5 scoops ( ). It could vary a bit based on how you pack the scoop and settling of the product ( ). Probably the easiest thing to do is measure how many scoops you get out of a bag and base your meals off that. If you get 5 scoops and want 3 meals you’ll need 1 and 2/3rds scoop per meal. Seems like almost everyone makes a day at a time which avoids the issue.


Might be better to weigh your meals worth of Soylent. Takes the whole packing thing completely out of the equation. You just need to tare your scale with an empty bag then weigh the full bag and see what it says. Then divide by however many meals your going to do in a day and measure out that much by weight. Also CVS makes a shot glass with various measurement marks on it that would be quite helpful in measuring out the oil.