Question about the oil (and popcorn)


I have been eating Soylent for breakfast and lunch for about 10 days now and I really like it, I am getting much better nutrition that the junk food I was eating before and it makes me feel much better.

I understand the oil is necessary for nutritional reasons and I don’t mind adding it to every batch. But I also like eating popcorn and my wife was telling me that the extra oil I am consuming with the popcorn is not healthy. So my question is what if I add only half of the oil to the Soylent and use the other half of it in my popcorn at night? That way I am only consuming the recommended amount of oil and getting a tasty treat every other night.

Does anyone see anything wrong with this plan? It seems so simple I must be missing something.


Have you made sure to taste the oil separately? If it’s fish oil, I imagine it would be truly foul with popcorn.


When I make popcorn I’m only using 2-3 Tbsp of oil. I don’t think that comes close to half the oil in Soylent. There are several people on this site that say they have added an extra Tbsp or two to a daily batch of Soylent to fight off cravings. I’m not sure the amount of oil you put on your popcorn is going to have any real effect on your health.


While I recall that the oil in Soylent has been composed specifically to avoid any fishy taste, most people add “butter-like” oil to popcorn for the flavor. Without a buttery flavor, the addition would just make the popcorn… well, oily. If that’s what you’re going for, all well and good, but be sure that you’re not expecting it to make your popcorn taste the same as with butter (or a butter-substitute).


There’s nothing inherently wrong with your plan, and canola oil is often used a popping oil to make “neutral” popcorn before flavoring it.

The potential downsides:

  1. The heated oil may not be AS healthy as unheated. The popper probably doesn’t make it super-hot, though, so it’s not like you’re eating used fryer oil that has been overheated to the smoke point. (Burning popcorn happens before the oil gets to the smoke point.)

  2. Soylent oil mix is part fish oil. You may not taste it in cold oil, but it may not be a flavor you want in popcorn. To find out? Make popcorn!