Question about whey protein extract


I’m referring to those products from body building shops which everyone uses in their DIY soylents.

Do they really contain only 3 items: energy, carbs and proteins or is something from this(vitamins and minerals) applicable?


Whey Protein Isolate (there’s also Concentrate, and some other things, which have varying definitions…) is rated by purity, typically 80% or 90%. That’s the percentage that’s protein, and the other 10% or 20% is the other stuff found in whey- milkfat, etc.

I’m not aware of any place that sells 100% Isolate, it’d probably be hugely expensive. So yes, they all have fat, carbs, vitamins, and minerals, to varying degrees.

The protein powders you see in stores is usually even less just protein, especially the more common brands like EAS and Muscle Milk- they’re full of added ingredients to appeal to a certain fitness crowd. (I’ve been using the Body Fortress Vanilla powder half-and-half with the plain 90% Isolate in my current mixes because it’s got a good flavor, isn’t too full of junk, and I can get it locally.)


and you will see stuff that’s “100% whey protein isolate” with further information that shows it’s 90% protein which is pretty much the gold standard for whey protein isolate and all of the good bands (NOT american pure whey for example) will be 100% isolate with 90% purity.