Question for the gents in the forum (Men only)


Guys, I just recently started drinking Soylent about one meal a day, sometimes a bit more. I’ve noticed the increase in dreaming and dream recall like others have mentioned but also for the past 4 or 5 days I’ve noticed substantial “morning wood” every morning. Sometimes I’ll wake in the middle of the night and it will be the same thing. This was an everyday occurrence when I was younger, but I’m 44 now and it just hasn’t been like this for a while now. Has anyone else noticed an increase in morning wood?


I’m 31 and it’s about the same as it has been for the last few years: a few times a week. I recall hearing of a study that showed men tend to peak in testosterone in October (no good citations available), so it could also be that is at play. If your nutritional intake has increased significantly as a result of Soylent, that might have some bearing.


I haven’t noticed a difference either but then again I’m 33 and on a DIY soylent. I have noticed my urine is no longer cloudy.


32 here - no noticeable difference for me.


Yeah can’t say I’ve noticed a difference but then I haven’t been paying attention either. I’m 41 and always had a somewhat low-ish sex drive anyway, so the fact that it’s remained pretty much the same my entire adulthood… well I’m not sure what that says. LOL

Could be a seasonal thing as mentioned, or perhaps part of your increased dreaming is also an increase in erotic dreams, which leads to the symptom you’ve been experiencing. I can think of worse things… :wink:


Come to think of it I haven’t had any unusual dreaming either.


I’ve had some vivid dreams, now that I think about it. Only one was sexual, but it was quite realistic to my senses. Another very realistic dream involved being able to read some paperwork and make sense of the words. There was also continuity when looking away from it and then looking back. Not a very exciting dream though. Certainly not a selling point.


If I’m not mistaken, all dreaming (REM sleep) is accompanied by the physical signs of sexual arousal in both men and women, regardless of content (erotic or otherwise). If you’re dreaming more during the time at which you wake, this might explain your experience.


Are you noticing a more full bladder than normal ? Possible it’s just a reaction to the fact you have to pee more every morning. Otherwise, it’s normal and happens with every guy, a few times a night. Even with women too (minus the whole erection part). Men who have erectile dysfunction even get them. :stuck_out_tongue:

No new/different dreams. I have good, vivid dreams often. I can never remember them. No more sexual than normal.


Using DIY. Consuming 60-80% of my meals in shake form. Nothing out of the ordinary with dreams or erections.


I have it if I wake up needing to pee, but short of that all is normal.


I was thinking the same thing.


That was so bizarre I had to look it up. Hit the PDF link here (I’m having trouble linking right to the PDF) of what appears to be a well vetted study cited by 90 others that confirms that male testosterone peaks in October and November. My hypothesis, which is not addressed in the study, is that it has something to do with it being the peak of football season, which is supported by the fact that the other small peak during the year occurs in February [during the Superbowl].


LOL as a male who is utterly ignorant of all things football (or any other sports for that matter), I for one can’t correlate anything to that. :wink:


I’m not into football either. And besides, those men were in Norway.I do not think there’s a big NFL overlap between our countries. I wonder if there’s a southern hemisphere phenomenon six months off from the northern.


Being able to remember dreams is basically a side effect of waking up right when you are having one or right afterwards

If you have a full bladder you are more likely to wake up with morning wood… you may also wake up outside of a normal cycle if it basically disturbs your sleep, and you will then be more likely to remember your dream… You may actually have vivid dreams multiple times without knowing it, but you just don’t remember it… all it takes to make the dream vivid is you realizing it is just a dream.

There is some stuff about some vitamins affecting your dreams/sleep, like B12 and I heard B6 and even vitamin A (including basically all of them haha even some minerals) but I honestly don’t know much more than that about the subject.


Well maybe I’ve got it backwards then. Maybe we scheduled football season for when men were feeling particularly aggressive.


LOL that sounds like it could be! I always figured it had something to do with the weather being worse which adds to the excitement factor… all that mud, snow, rain, etc.


That’s what I was thinking when I read your first post. Makes sense to me that guys would play a particularly aggressive sport when they’re feeling the most aggressive anyway!


I’ve been pretty vividly dreaming since a teenager, so nothing new since Soylent. Maybe I’m a bit more awake / aware when I wake up, which could help with recall. The morning wood I’ve always attributed to needing to urinate; there’s no shortage of urine when consuming Soylent.

Edit: 30 y/o reporting in.

Other men related thing: anyone else getting a little extra ‘kick’ when ejaculating?