Question for the gents in the forum (Men only)

The “physical signs” are not signs of sexual arousal, just arousal… a spontaneous erection can happen any time nitric oxide is elevated, which can happen during anything exciting (this is why men in combat sometimes get erections). Erections can also happen during sleep in response to a full bladder (the erection serves to prevent urination.)

Nitric oxide is a vasodilator; it causes muscles to relax.

Erections are controlled by smooth muscle tension preventing the full flow of blood into the penis - when the smooth muscle relaxes, blood flows in quickly. During REM sleep, the body enters a self-inhibitory state such that the body does not respond to what the brain is imagining (otherwise, we’d all be sleep walking); this extreme relaxation may relax the smooth muscle and result in a completely non-sexual arousal.

(Of course, this doesn’t preclude the brain sensing the arousal, and then taking that as a trigger to change the subject of the dreaming.)


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Yes, I am experiencing more frequent erections now that I have also noticed are firmer, but this is no different than when I was a vegan for a few months. It might have something to do with consumption of saturated fats and cholesterol, as my previous diet of fast food and meat with almost every meal kept things noticeably more flaccid.

On the flip side, my temper is more easily upset on Soylent than when I was a vegan, and I’m less subservient with others.

That’s unusual… Most people report the opposite. Are you experiencing any indigestion?

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I’ve had no digestion issues aside from the gas, which isn’t too bad now that I’ve been on Soylent for a while, but I think my testosterone levels are back to normal. A strict vegan diet – no dairy, meat, fish, processed sweets, or fake meat – seems to turn me into a yes man.

I believe my temperament under 100% Soylent and as an omnivore is noticeably the same.

I suppose the testosterone is a possible theory. The indigestion could be affecting your mood too. When the gas gets bad for me I anxious and snappy.

The gas is a non-issue for me, really. This might be due to the high-fiber diet I was on before Soylent, which comprised of at least 3 servings of pulses a day on average, and daily dosing of probiotics.

With the added enzymes in 1.1, has it improved your mood overall?

Perhaps soylent is providing the levels of zinc that you’ve been missing.

Yeah, I was thinking it might be zinc too. It could have just been the dreaming increase, and waking up right at the end of dreams.

Really? Do you have a source or citation for this?

It’s pretty common knowledge, I think:

His statement shouldn’t have said, “all,” and not all signs of physical arousal are sexual, but yes, you’ll find that REM sleep is frequently associated with arousal, including non-sexual arousal of the sex organs.

Yeah, that’s what I meant. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I definitely remember dreams more and definitely get more morning wood now.

I seem to dream much more frequently now. Maybe some other changes in other areas that you mention, but not enough for me to say definitively. Definitely more dreams, though. And weirder dreams.

Just to throw it out there - it’s possible you may have always had lots of dreams, but now you’re remembering them.

Same end result.

If you’re getting more deep sleep, maybe you’re getting more REM sleep and dreaming more. On the other hand, maybe you’re not sleeping as deeply, and so you wake from REM and remember it more often.

I know that when I’m fasting, it’s hard to sleep on the second and third night, and I’m very aware of any dreams I had, because I’m rarely sleeping very deeply.

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