Question on nutrients


okay I’ve only been drinking soylent 1.4 for a few days and I just have a few questions.
first off, so far I only drink one soylent half meal for dinner.
I don’t eat breakfast and then for lunch I just eat real food like tacos or a salad. I’m wondering since i’m only drinking soylent once per day so far, if I still need more nutrients.
like should I also take a multivitamin with my lunch?
I don’t want to overdose on any vitamins or minerals.

also I got a month’s worth of soylent, which is 7 bags.
but one bag is technically suppose to be a full days nutrients right? covering breakfast lunch and dinner plus snacks. so if one pouch is suppose to last one day then didn’t I just get a weeks worth instead of a months?

I don’t know if i’m missing something.


I believe a month worth is 28 bags.

You can take a multi if you are only having one meal of Soylent a day, and you think the other food youre eating isnt healthy. If the food does seem nutrient rich, a multi could be overkill


i’m confused cause when I ordered the soylent it said 7 bags/month.
so that’s why I thought it was a months worth…


Oh no, you ordered a weeks worth every month then :confused: You can up your subscription to 28 and youll start getting a month at a time (every month)


Oh, that 7 bags/month is the subscription level. 7 bags is another way of saying a weeks supply.

If you are only getting 1 Soylent meal a day, you may be getting less of the micronutrients that you need. You can get a multivitamin that has less than 100% daily value.

I am unaware of which products offer a portion of your daily value of micros. Perhaps someone here can recommend a product to you.


OHHHH okay. stupid me


so are you saying a should take a multivitamin but not one that’s a 100%?
right now I take women’s one a day. most of the ingredients say 100% under the daily value.
I really don’t want to overdose on anything :frowning:


could I just take half of a multivitamin?


The good news is that if you’re only drinking half a meal’s worth per day that 7 bags might actually last you a month! :slight_smile: That’s really the reason for the different subscription levels. I think I average about one bag of Soylent every two days, so a month’s supply actually lasts me about two months.

In any case, it sounds like you will probably benefit from a multivitamin on your current diet unless you’re putting in the effort to make up for the missing nutrition in your normal meals. It’s not catastrophic if you don’t get the full amount of nutrients from a day’s worth of Soylent, especially since it’s probably still closer to the recommended amounts than your previous diet (assuming Soylent’s just replacing a normal meal).

That said, there’s nothing wrong with cutting your multivitamin in half and taking that as long as it isn’t a gel capsule or something


Oi vey, that’s a good idea, actually :grin:

Yea, 1 (full) Soylent meal is maybe around 30% of each vitamin and mineral so if you take a half multi that is 100% then you’d be good I think. Maybe not perfect but I don’t think you would overdose. It depends on the micronutrient. Sometimes you can’t go overboard unless you reach for example 2000%. I wouldn’t worry so much


Not to mention that the absorption rate from multivitamins is not always super great to begin with


This page has a chart with all the micronutrients, recommended intake amounts and maximum intake amounts before negative effects occur. It also lists what many of the negative effects are, so you can watch out for those. I only took a quick glance at the numbers, but it looks like 130% DV is safe for everything except magnesium and sodium. Magnesium is weird, though, because the max is lower than the DV already…(?) Not sure what’s up with that.


Seeing as you’re eating a lunch of unknown nutritional value and a half meal for dinner I would say yes to taking a full multivitamin with your lunch. You can safely take 200% of the DRI for every vitamin and mineral (I think) and still not hit their upper limit.


The DV and RDAs for magnesium are based on magnesium found in foods. The UL is for magnesium taken as a raw element. It doesn’t have the same effect when it’s part of food as when it’s taken alone.

No, @cainm no worries on an “overdose” from your basic multivitamin. You can take a half, take the whole, or take it every other day.

When you eat a regular diet (not soylent), you probably get 100% of bunch of things from your food, but you took the vitamin. You’ve already “overdosed.” Did you suffer? :wink: