Question on stools

Ok, one of those topics I really don’t like bringing up, but I was stupid and searched the internet, and everything says I have cancer, just like anything you look up.

I have been on 2.0 80% for the last 3 or 4 months. This week I decided to finally go all in and cut out pop, which I was terrible about drinking about 120oz a day, I know, very stupid of me.

I cut out pop, and at the same time switched to my next order of 2.0 which was the Dec 01 16 15:59 5335P7FPA.

Two days into the switch with both of them my stools turned very pale, almost white, pretty much the color of soylent. I figured not having the constant intake of coloring from Dr Pepper 10 might be the issue. I am now 5 days in to the change and it has still not normalized to a regular color. I doubt it is the soylent as this would have appeared a while ago through the last 3-4 months.

Would cutting pop out have this effect, has anyone with this batch of 2.0 had similar issues, and how long should i give it until I go to the doctor?

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It’s not an issue or problem (unlike urine), sometimes poop is different colors. Like if you eat beets you’ll poop red, and if you eat a bunch of strawberry pez it’ll be pinkish. I think your guess is right, it changed color when you stopped drinking pop, but either way it’s not a health indicator.

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If you want to fix this unnerving problem and replace it with a similar, even more unnerving problem, try adding some green food colouring to your Soylent.


I’m with the others, I don’t think it’s an issue. I’ve also noticed when I’ve eaten enough of a certain color it shows at the end. So I wouldn’t be surprised if your poop turned pale if the only thing you were eating was superhombre* pale.


*This is what autocorrect gave me when I was going for ‘something’… I left it because I didn’t even know this was a thing… and it’s kinda funny.


Superhombre… más rápido que una bala, más potente que una locomotora.


It isn’t the lack of Dr Pepper. It is because the majority of your diet is now a light beige.

Perfectly normal.

My poop turns dark brown if I go a stretch of regular food, and switches almost instantly to beige when I go majority Soylent.

Lets talk color

The Poop Thread

Your poop on Soylent


ok not sure I understand your statement, then it would be the lack of Dr Pepper, because that is the only thing that has changed in the last 4 months that I have been on soylent.

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Try drinking a lot of blue Kool-Aid and be amazed at what comes out. HINT: It won’t be blue.

But yes, as everyone else has said it’s pretty typical for stool to resemble the colour of your food. You removed your only brown ingredient :wink:


If you think that’s bad:


Ok thanks for the help, we are past the point in a thread where reading comprehension has failed so we can end here

You spelled Dr Pepper without a period. You are all good in my book.