Question on Subscribing to Soylent

I ordered Soylent soon after the fund raising campaign ended. I still haven’t gotten it. If I subscribe to a 4 weeks supply right now then will my subscription arrive automatically as soon as my first order is exhausted? Further, will I really get my Soylent subscription as soon as I order it like I have been led to believe? Does one need to use the same email address in order for this to happen? Thanks.

I had the same question a ways back, confirmed/clarified it over in the site update thread:

So, as soon as your Campaign order arrives, any existing subscription becomes active, and shows up a week or two later - even if you ordered 3 months. So if you don’t want overlap, wait until you’re a few weeks from running out (however much you’re comfortable with). So far, reorders seem to be going relatively smoothly, @vanclute got his at the 14-day mark

Also, yes, you need to use the same email.

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Wow, thank you. That was an extremely thorough answer.

Well, I had pretty much the same question already, so I knew where to look for the answer :wink:

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