Question regarding 1.7 prep + lasting dates for opened bags


I have not received my soylent yet but I saw unboxing and the instructions say to dump the whole bag in the pitcher. I’m looking at probably only doing 2 to 3 portions for the day since I switch homes every day (1 day at my mom’s 1 day at my dad’s) so can’t do all of it since no fridge to keep the rest.

So using the handy dandy scoop, how much water do I need to add, or simply, how much milileters of water is needed per 1 gram of soylent. I’ll just scoop up a serving size and weight it but for water how much.

Also, how do you deal or what becomes new expiry dates on opened bags? I was looking at simply putting my opened bags back into a ziploc bag and store them as usual.

They recommend 1.9-2.9 ml of water per gram of Soylent. Realistically you can mix it to whatever consistency you want within a pretty broad range. One guy even eats it dry. I think I read about someone diluting Soylent to use as a “sports” drink while running or bicycling or something like that.

I don’t know off the top of my head; I know it’s been answered here before. I’d guess weeks.


I mix individual servings in Blender Bottles. I use about 400mL of water for a regular 400 calorie serving. I also use a scale to measure the powder weight as the scoop can be a little all over the place.

And I’m one of those watered-down sports drink Soylent guys! I haven’t been taking it on runs yet (that’ll be for summer long runs), I’ve been diluting about 50-100 calories of mixed 1.7 in a glass of water as a post-run snack (sorta like how they try to sell chocolate milk these days). No exact measurements here, just eyeballing it using the marks on the Blender Bottle.

I always use a whole Soylent bag at once, but I think they’re ziplock-ish bags themselves.

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What I would recommend is that you prepare the whole bag at once in the pitcher at night, and then in the morning, split it into two 1L containers. One you leave in the fridge there and the other you take with you.