Question regarding my order


Hi there - I’m posting this here because I imagine others may be in a similar situation.

I live in Canada and I have currently 2 weeks worth of Soylent ordered. Because I (like many others) don’t want to wait for international shipping, I was considering changing my address to a family member’s USA address - and having them then ship it to me in Canada - and possibly ordering another 2 weeks worth so as to get priority in the shipments.

My questions for you Soylent admins are:

-If I change my address will I then be considered a US-shipment and get mine in January?
-If I also add 2 weeks of Soylent to my order, bringing it up to a month’s worth, will I also be put in the first round of shipments?

I just can’t wait for this vague “Q1 2014” ship date, so I am totally willing to thrown down the extra cash! I do need to know that this will work though:)



I think @JulioMiles can help you best with this question. But if you want to be garanteed an answer, your best bet is to mail, since this forum is not for official questions (even though they answer most of the time).


Thanks Rick - figured I put it here so others may see the response as well, but I’ll e-mail


Did you get a response on this? Im going to change my shipping address to the U.S.


Sorry @Predator, should have posted it here - I did get a response and the answer was yes my plan will work!

My only concern now is whether shipping over the border will cause any issues…


I emailed soylent support and they assured me my soylent would come with the other U.S. orders. I live right on the border and will be picking it up myself and bringing it across.