Question regarding the pause feature


If you pause your subscription until a certain date, does that mean they won’t charge your credit card before that date or they won’t ship the Soylent until that date?

I’m waiting for version 1.5, and I’m wondering if I can wait until the day before my pause date to pause to a later date if they haven’t come out with 1.5 by then.


Pretty sure the unpause date is when the next charge will be, and shipping will happen after that. I’ll find out soon as I have a subscription set to unpause on april 1. Was hoping for 1.5 by then but… no news yet!


In theory they could do whatever they want and just say “April Fool’s”!


LOL I hope 1.5 isn’t announced on April 1, nobody will believe them!

I wonder what Rob’s blog is going to say this time around…


April 1st is getting really close and still no 1.5.


yeah I know… I’m bummed, I had been secretly hoping we’d already have heard something by now.


You going to try to pause further or just take the 1.4?


I already paused our large subscription until May. Leaving the smaller (7 bag) one going though just so that once a new version DOES come, we’ll get some to try a little sooner potentially. I can always swap it with someone in the mean time if need be (or maybe just use the 1.4 for baking… those Soylent muffins look pretty awesome).