Questions about people's Routine & Scheduling of Soylent intake



This question is for those who have already begun using soylent.

What is your routine like?

Do you premix all dry ingredients? Morning/night

How long does it take?

What do you use to carry it with you?

Anything else you would like to share about your experience.

Thank you. My wife and I want to start using soylent but we want to be ready to make the best of it.


i pre weigh everything into daily portions that are ready to blend then i just add it with the wet and dry ingredients together and blend it in the morning. i work from home so i just drink it threw out the day or take some with me in a to go cup.
the weighing i do all at once and takes me several hours to get everything pre made but i can make up a months worth of it in that time. the day of it takes 3 minutes maybe.


I just started but the groove I found is to make a few days at a time in the blender, one day’s dose at a time. Once blended I put it in a two liter Rubbermaid container I found at Target and store in the refrigerator (probably not necessary since I leave the fat out, but it makes me feel better). Every morning I take a container out and sip on it throughout the day. I drink a bit more before exercising or any other physical activity.


I started with the Hackerschool soylent as a basis for my own fomula. I make a days amount (three servings) up in a large pitcher, and just pour myself a glass when I want some. I usually make another batch while I’m drinking dinner. I take about 32oz. or so with me to work, so I have enough to drink while I’m there. We have a mini-fridge I can keep it in during the day, but since there’s nothing in the hackerschool version that needs to be refrigerated, I could probably even keep it on my desk and drink it whenever I want. It does taste a bit better chilled, though.


I take the baking approach; let oat powder cook in a pot of hot water for the ~15 - 20 minutes (stirring occasionally) it takes me to combine and mix the other dry ingredients with a whisk and a bowl. From there I throw everything into a 3 liter pitcher including the oils & wet ingredients, mix furiously, and voila.

I’ve been able to squeeze about three days into a single pitcher to mix, and then I’ll separate out / add more water into other containers (anywhere between 1.5 to 2 liters of soylent & water total per day) as the week goes on. Works pretty well, but I could stand to start premixing all the dry ingredients once I get the formula battened down, or use a blender after mixing for a single day’s batch to work out the chunks from cooking the oat powder.