[Quick-question] Soylent 1.7 pouch with no label at the back


Hi Soylent community,

I don’t know where to post this so I’ll put this under “feedback” section. I’ve just received my Soylent 1.7 and I noticed that there are no labels at the back of the pouch. Is this normally like this? It doesn’t show any nutritional facts or ingredients?


It is on the box not the bag.


Yes, it’s on the box. It’s just that I find it weird that they don’t put label on the back of the pouches. Anyway, thanks for the reply.


Yeah, I was surprised by this design choice as well. As the pouches aren’t made for individual resale, they don’t need to have the nutrition info on them. My guess is that the new bag is meant to resemble the 2.0 bottle layout.