Quick question to DIYers who use oat powder/flour


Hi Guys,

What kind of oats do you use? I bought Bulk Powder’s Ultra Fine Scottish Oats but:

  1. they feel gritty
  2. they always end up at the end of the mix after few seconds

I believe Soylent 1 uses oat flour…


You could try using an emulsifier (Lecithin) to keep the oats suspended in the mix.

Oats in (a) Soylent official and (b) DIY soylent recipes

The lecithin definitely helps as @j8048188 said. Not sure about that brand. I’ve been using Red Mill. If you think it’s too course you could always put it in the food processor for a bit to try and grind it down a bit finer. That’s probably a dusty process though.

Mine does tend to settle out after it sits for a while as well, but a couple shakes and it’s good to go again so I don’t think about it much.


I use Red Mill Oat Groats milled with a Nutrimill. I add in Now Foods Lecithin Granules as a emulsifier.


Honeyville Farms Oat Flour


I use an oat powder from a muscle builder supplier. It’s a bit more expensive, but the powder makes the consistency much easier to deal with.

I could stand to grab an oat flour to make it cheaper, though.


I used Muscle Feast brand’s whole oat powder. It’s reasonably cheap, and blends well.


another quick oat question.
are you DIYers boiling or cooking the oats before mixing up your solution
i have read conflicting views on oats phytic acid. whats the deal?


No, I am not cooking them in any way. Also, I’ve had zero digestive issues, so no upset stomach, etc…


I was concerned about that, and part of the reason I selected the Oat Powder I used was because they prepped (I don’t know if cooked is the right word) it so that the phytic acid was no longer an issue.


Disregard the phytic acid issue. Empirically, it hasn’t proven to be worth worrying about (see all the happy diy’ers and success of the beta testers.)