QuidNYC's Superfood For Him + lots of produce = perfect solution for me


Yesterday, I ran out of Soylent (name brand Soylent) and mixed my first two pitchers of QuidNYC’s Superfood For Him. I filled up a Thermos with the stuff and drank most of it over a period of about two hours, slowly sipping while chatting with friends. Quick capsule review: It’s fantastic-amazing-divine. Sure, it tastes a lot worse than Soylent (I shared some with five curious friends, and they were all revolted–one even said it tastes like dog food), but every cell in my body seemed to be thanking me for choosing such high-quality fuel. I was alert, bouncy, and chatty, despite having hardly recovered from a drunken Halloween bash. Soylent gives me energy, too, but not like this. I don’t care what Superfood tastes like as long as it fuels me the way it does, and I think I can learn to love the taste, anyway. I wish the good people at Rosa Labs all the best, but I can’t fathom why I might want to switch back to drinking Soylent after having tried this stuff. They can keep their maltodextrin and artificial sweeteners.

As good as Superfood seems to be, I do not intend to completely replace normal food with it. What I plan to do for the foreseeable future is to drink Superfood six times a day, in small doses, and eat a big plate of vegetables whenever my stomach starts growling like a spurned tigress because it expects to be filled up. I’ll shop all around the produce section to consume as wide a variety of vegetables as possible. I’ll also eat a piece of fruit or a handful of nuts occasionally. This way, I’ll never need to deal with my stomach throwing a fit because it’s mostly empty, and I will also be fortifying my diet with natural sources of micronutrients, just in case there are bioavailability problems with the multivitamin.

QuidNYC, whoever you are, my world is a brighter place because of you.

It’s on like Donkey Kong, my friends. :smiley: