Quora question about Soylent

"What makes Soylent an appealing substitute for whole foods?"

Feel free to write an answer if you wish.

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As so far the first two responses boil down to, “It isn’t.”

Just to be clear, I didn’t write the question or answers. I just found it and thought it might need some better responses from fine folks here.

The second reply confuses me:

[quote]Intellectually, it’s cheap, needs no refrigeration, is quick to prepare, and vegetarian.

However, I don’t think the word “appealing” is quite the right term for it.[/quote]

They listed the appeals of Soylent and then said it’s not appealing. Do they even know what “appeal” means?

I think they clumsily tried to say that they like the concept of Soylent, but the reality of it does not appeal to their senses. I have some hope that 2.0 will appeal to people like that, if reports of its improved flavor are accurate.

Different will never appeal to the majority (basically by definition). Once it becomes the normal then they won’t even remember they had an issue with it. Things like Soylent have become more normal in the last decade or so. Protein drinks, Ensure, etc. What you are seeing is cognitive dissonance. Fifty years ago you would get a bigger reaction from most people if you drank a protein drink in front of them. Now it is still a little weird. Soylent will get to that point.

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@codemaker That is actually one of the best explanations I’ve ever seen about why “raw foods” aren’t as good as people say.


Thanks! You just made my day :slight_smile: