Ragu and Beans Recipe Feedback Please


High ratio veg Ragu with beans

Method and costs to follow soon, and a few simplifications need to be made yet too. Caution on the fibre. The nutrients with 0% are not tracked by USDA database - I will get around to filling this in soon but I’m guessing they should be pretty good given the existing figures.

Let me tell you though, I can live on this stuff. It is slow carb and the best thing I’ve found yet for weight loss. It keeps my hunger at bay for as few calories possible fantastically. It tastes great. and, it is soylent too inasmuch as it is virtually nutrient complete and minimally fussy. Enjoy!


Definitely interested in seeing this fill out, and preparation of course. :slight_smile:


Aside from the pork, I’d love to try this!
Post an update once you flesh this one out, I’d like to see the full micro/macro and kick it around myself!


Prep is simple and takes me way less time than my powders. It has much the same nutrient profile if you lower the beans ratio - in fact it doesn’t need them at all - I just put them in to replace the wholegrain pasta which I also enjoy with it. With the pasta though you lose the slow-carb status and a lot of the nutrients per calorie. Also, with the beans it makes a great taco filler too. And of course, the pork is definitely optional. I actually put a bit of bacon in mine as well but it increases the sodium very quickly.

I’ll get back to developing the recipe and its spin-offs soon… promise :smile:

Edit: sorry my bad, the bacon is still in this one. Because I add the beans in reality after I make the sauce, then it nearly halves the quantity of sauce per serve. Without the beans though you need to lose the bacon to keep the sodium down to a reasonable amount per serve. At least if you are going to eat a significant qty per day. I tend to use it all the time but mix it with eggs on toast and spinach and fried tomatoes, in tacos etc…