Raising HDL Levels


I had the same reference which tordenskjold posted. Also about that long term study, if you understand it too says the HDL decreases in the long-term. While total cholesterol also decreases, HDL decreasing along with it is a concern. As all cholesterol is not evil, its LDL and VLDL cholesterol that is bad. HDL is good.

As for taste try adding just 1/4 teaspoon to an entire days worth, not a meal’s worth. @soyguy


Also is serum sodium an accurate indicator of sodium levels in the body? I ask this because for some minerals their tissue levels are a better indicator of their deficiencies or lack of it, than their serum levels. So is it the same with sodium?


two things that can lower HDL are:

increasing carb intake

decreasing saturated fat

I wonder if you’ve done either or both of these things since integrating soylent into your diet?

soylent itself has no saturated fat and is certainly not low carb (but is pretty moderate).


also, soylent has been flippant/quiet about epa and dha. I think in a blog post many months ago rob said the research wasn’t there yet. I think there’s enough research to support that increasing intake may offer benefit and will be unlikely to be detrimental.

very roughly speaking, typical recommendations are 1000/day of combined dha and epa.


I’d say my old diet was very high in both saturated fat and carbs, so with Soylent I’d guess I’ve decreased both. Probably fat most drastically - Soylent has replaced mainly fast food and casual dining restaurants for me.

As for your other post, I dont know anything about EPA or DHA, so it’s time for more research! Thanks for your help!