Ran out of Soylent. Credit card charged. Subscription hasn't arrived


I received my first Soylent order on October 25th, a week’s supply. Four days before, when I got the shipping confirmation email I purchased a monthly subscription. Well my week supply is long over, my credit card has been charged the full price and my month’s supply still hasn’t arrived. I haven’t got no email notifications and RosaLabs is not responding to any of my emails.

What’s going on? According to the subscription confirmation email, it should take 1-2 weeks for my order to arrive. I understand if there are delays but there needs to be some communication, please.
Is this going to happen every month?


Reorders ship in 1-2 week you placed you subscription on October 29. The 2 weeks would be November 12. So your order would most likely be going out this next week. Gonna tag @Soylent so they can comfirm


I subscribed when I received the shipping confirmation email for my first order. Which occurred four days before the order arrived, i.e October 21, not October 29. If we count inclusively from October 25, the day received my first order, the two week period expired yesterday, November 7.

Thank you. I meant to do that but didn’t know how to.


They don’t check the Soylent tag everyday. It seems like they check it once or twice a week. So just hold tight and be patient. They will eventually respond.


@Skyliner Just sent you a PM to get the details worked out.


Thanks, I just replied back.