Random (genius?) idea: soylent icecubes


This just came to me, not sure if it was posted before, better twice than never:

  1. Make soylent
  2. Freeze it into icecubes

Next time you have to run out of the door throw the ice cubes in your bottle, done! Easy to portion, no frills.

Any reason you shouldn’t freeze soylent? The overhead of dealing with the powder, trying not to spill it when opening the pouch, measuring it and the water, using a blender (that’s still dirty from the last batch of soylent, so now I have to clean it, 1.4 leaves clumps if I just stir / shake it) etc, gone … when you’re in a hurry, this stuff is over my head.

You’re welcome :tropical_drink:


The only issue I’ve heard of with regards to freezing Soylent is that it basically turns into pykrete - in other words it’s insanely hard due to the fiber & other matter in it, not like water-based ice cubes at all.

Probably not an issue for this application though, in fact it might be a bonus.


If you have an ice dispenser on your fridge at home you can implement this hack for your Soylent:

Let me know how it goes. John and I were talking about this over the weekend.


I’m going to try this and put them in iced coffee.


Or, make ice cubes out of coffee, then put them in your to-go Soylent.


it has to remain frozen. instead one of them suggested discs, there was a thread about it recently. Also one idea that came to me a few weeks back (i probably posted it here too) was soylent in jelly form or is it called jello in the states? along with the current form ofcourse. That way no need to add water/mix. Added bonus is it can be chewed, for those who like it that way. It can also make it more satietic.

Edit: Unless soylent in jelly form has to remain frozen too.


Ric, stop trying to blow my mind! :confetti_ball:


In that same vein- anything you usually flavor your soylent with might work a bit better than using soylent and make prep easier!


Have you ever tried to make icecubes from proteinshakes?
I fear the result will be nearly the same. :worried: