Rate limit on reorders?


A family of 2 might need to order 2 months’ worth of Soylent every 1 month. But an eBay reseller of Soylent might need to order a very large quantity from Rosa every week. @JulioMiles, is there any rate limit on reorders?


I ask this because the reason for shipping larger orders first is that
customers with larger orders won’t reorder as soon, but this premise
doesn’t hold true in the case of resellers. Is any rate limit in place
to inhibit eBay resellers who ordered in April 2014 from reordering
repeatedly and delaying the initial shipments to backers who gave money
in May 2013?


I don’t know how worth it it is to put much effort into a lot of rate limiting. I mean, sure, raise an eyebrow if someone orders 6 months worth 2 weeks after their last order. But really this is a problem that’s going to fix itself in a couple weeks.

Their main goal should be making sure their production capacity is staying high enough to clear out in a couple weeks and stay on top of customer service. I just think it’d be worse to take a guy off answering customer service requests to watchdog orders for a problem that probably really isn’t having any impact on the deliveries in the first place.


This is good to hear.