Rate my muesli, /s/


Struggling to get enough choline easily, although i lived on 10% RDA like the whole my life, given USDA database is correct.


Lecithin is an easy source of choline, with a bonus of being an emulsifier.


But it’d take >100g of it daily to achieve 500mg; it’s a huge pile of crappy fats that just get in the way.


Here’s the lecithin I use. 15g lecithin provides 450mg choline.


Thank you; it’s strange that its choline content is an order of magnitude higher than one specified in the USDA database for soy lecithin tho.


You must be looking at the wrong entry. Soy lecithin is a well known excellent source of choline.




The lecithin in the USDA DB is for liquid lecithin not the dry lecithin in the above ad.



You can also go with a simple Choline Bitartrate.