Ratio of Lysine to Arginine in Soylent?


Does anyone know or have a general idea?


It should be the same as the ratio typically found in rice protein.


I read somewhere 8 lysine to 11 arginine. Can’t seem to find the link now. Anyways this ratio is not good. I have a bottle of lysine pills sitting next to the soylent stash.


Here’s the details on brown rice flour, which I don’t expect is much different than Soylent’s protein.


Lysine 436mg
Arginine 866mg

Pretty close to a 1:2 ratio.


Formula 1.4 was .75:1 (K:R). I don’t have the data for 1.5.


L-lysine constrains the essential amino acids in 1.4 to 81.0 g. According to my calculations, 985 mg/day of supplementary l-lysine + 1.4 will give you 100.3 g/day of essential protein.