Ratio of Soylent to water: conflicting instructions


On the scoop itself, it says “one scoop Soylent | one scoop water”, indicating that 1:1 is the proper ratio of Soylent to water. However the preparation page lists the proper ratio as “1 scoop Soylent - 1.5 scoops water”, indicating that 1:1.5 is the proper ratio of Soylent to water.

Which is correct?

Or am I incorrect in assuming that the printing on the scoop itself “one scoop Soylent | one scoop water” indicates a ratio at all? If that’s the case, I recommend you redo the scoops and just write either nothing on it (other than the logo), or the word “scoop” on it (for people who don’t know what a scoop is?). If the printing on the scoop is not an instruction about the ratio, what was the purpose of printing that on the scoop?


This should cover it! :smile:


Technically you can make it as thick/thin as you want, but if you’ve got the pitcher and can keep it chilled, then @JulioMiles’ advice is the way to go IMO.


If you follow the mixing directions using the pitcher (1 bag Soylent, 1 bottle oil, fill w/ water to top and shake) you’ll get close to the same ratio by using 2 scoops Soylent to 3 scoops water. @JulioMiles talked about it in another thread, but I can’t find it right now.


He’s said it a few times now… ha ha


If everyone should be using 1:1.5 (when not using the pitcher), then the scoop is making everyone think it’s 1:1. Take this thread for example - everyone on there wrote 1:1, without exception. I guess it’s ultimately a matter of preference, but it’s making most people think 1:1.


Found it!

Emphasis mine.


Honestly I think it is up to you guys. Just play around with amounts and see how much you would like in Soylent.


How about… compacting the powder into something like an energy bar. Take it out of the pocket, unwrap and eat and drink water as needed. No need of mixing anything, no dishes to wash, nothing big to carry as well.
I want Soylent energy bars as an option. If it tastes bad add something to it.


Yeah I would love to have Soylent energy bars. Some sort of slightly sticky binder to hold it all together & make it a little chewy… might be amazing.


I agree, although Rob doesn’t seem to think it would work that well… see here: http://discourse.soylent.me/t/fireside-chat-with-rob-5-15/13220/61?u=bdillahu

Don’t know…


Thanks for the link. Something to experiment on later then.


Has anyone tried baking Soylent into a solid or making pancakes out of it?

In the pictures it looks a lot like Bisquick.


See the little search icon in the upper right? I typed in “baking”. Found this:


Fresh from the test kitchen: delicious Soylent waffles, ~130 kcals each! http://instagram.com/p/oOmWDfy3uI/

Has anyone baked with production Soylent yet?

Really you can do whatever ratio you want, so the discrepancy doesn’t matter. But having two “canonical” recommended ratios indicated on official material is definitely confusing and I’m glad they’re fixing this in the future.