(Raw) Soylent Lembas Bread?


I’ve heard that the nutritional content would be altered if you cook/bake soylent, but there are ways to eat raw food. Some snack bars are made with raw ingredients. What would be an easy way to make a good snack bar out of raw soylent powder? It would require a lot less water - would it just be as simple as combining it with the oil and drying it out? Has anyone already experimented with this? I’ve seen other snack bar recipes that combine in something sticky like brown rice syrup or almond butter. Any ideas? If it were dense enough, one (fairly sizable) bar could be enough for the whole day - just take a few bites from time to time (and drink lots of water).


You wouldn’t need anything sticky- @vanclute has made stuff from raw Soylent, and he says it’s crazy sticky just mixing it with water.
Also, if you bake Soylent at a lowish temperature for a short amount of time, it seems like there’s very little denaturing of the mix.


I love the idea of lembas bread :heart:


Yeah sticky definitely isn’t the issue with Soylent, it’s got plenty of that to spare already. :wink: Personally I’ve been thoroughly enjoying mixing up batches of brownies pretty regularly. I find a single bag worth of Soylent brownies easily lasts a week, and I’ve got them down to a fairly low amount of cocoa, sugar, etc. so they aren’t all that massively “altered” from straight Soylent.

Oh another tasty discovery the other day, was mixing up PB2 (dehydrated peanut butter) with premixed Soylent instead of water. It goes REALLY well together and the end result is sortof peanut-buttery, sortof sweetish… but just a hint of both and all around extremely tasty and satisfying. I’m going to be making this regularly to spread on rice cakes too, it’s a nice divergence from liquid Soylent but maintains the balanced nutrition I’m thoroughly enjoying now.


I had this exact idea myself :slight_smile: but I don’t have the official stuff yet. So, I tried it with my “People Chow” formula I’ve been using for months.

I used a ‘brownie’ recipe I’d read about somewhere, and had to triple the amount of brown sugar and cocoa (and everything else) as apparently the volume is different? Not sure.

It was basically unsweetened cocoa, powdered sugar+brown sugar (1/3 to 2/3), some oil, and egg. I thought the egg and oil would help the dryness; didn’t seem to.

Baked it for 40 minutes.

They turned out OK tasting but WAY too dry. I mean, basically inedible.

So, I tried a dollop of the material on a flat pan and baked them like cookies - they didn’t “Melt” like cookie dough does, but they were slightly better tasting than the big brownie block. About 15 minutes at 350. Still very dry though.

However, before cooking, it tasted GREAT … very much like raw toll-house cookie dough (except chocolate).

Next time I try it at a party, I’ll advertise it as cookie dough. No, I didn’t besmirch Soylent’s good name by bringing my “brownies” to the party :slight_smile:

== John ==