Re-designed Soyent 2.0 packaging

Responding to feedback from customers about the Soylent 2.0 bottle, a commitee meeting was held and a new design has finaly been approved.

No word yet on whether it will utilize a foil cap or not.


I want Squeeze It style bottles, no cap, no straw!


Could you make it more phallic?


I like it but there are a lot of names making the rounds that might just pepper the chicken. Let me give you the run down

Basically we start with the shock value releases, the “Oh No They Di’int” line.

Then the choice pick for the more refined Soylent sampler, what else but the Nectar Defector?

Moving on of course there was the brief but quite lucrative Honey Suckle. Perhaps the world just wasn’t ready.

The Little Squirt ran for a time but the overhead just bursted the proverbial bubble…

After the all too tragic freak accident with the initial models involving high flammability and explosive catastrophic failure, unfortunately “The Class Act” was fully recalled. You can get one in Russia for the right price.

Soylent Serenity is still doing well, it seems to have sparked a following of the types that often have yoga mats and tea trays nearby.

I leave you with the Beta Tester Batch, an ever changing concoction bravely given to a lucky few by the dastardly curious Rosa Labs. Let us not forget their sacrifices in the days ahead.


I think Soylent deserves a Klein bottle.

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