RE: International Orders


Hey, I’m hoping this receives the attention of the Soylent staff. I wish to make an order when Soylent becomes available internationally, and would like to receive an email update when this is possible. I have added myself to the mailing list. Will it include such an update?


Yes, it certainly will. Thanks for your interest!


I too am keen to see when this will be available internationally. So much so that I was almost tempted to use a third party shipper to get around the lack of international availability at launch!

I’ve been following this project for quite some time and am really excited by it. I am, however, anticipating some hurdles internationally, like customs duties and certifications, differing import and food regulations etc. Has the team looked into this yet?


I wonder if you have a list of which countries you will be able to deliver to once international shipping starts, and if you have some sort of guaranteed list, and a list of countries you can ship to but that it is our own risk wether it gets picked up in the customs.


If you live outside of the U.S and would like the opportunity to try soylent sooner rather than later, I will be selling some of my pre-orders on Ebay - shipping world wide. :smile:


:stuck_out_tongue: im interrested, how much would you be charging ontop of the original price? and will you link it? also, I assume you don’t have the soylent yet? so you will ship when you have it?

Edit: ahh I gotcha, I will perhaps order a batch from you within the month or by next month :slight_smile: if you keep doing this service


Is there any timeframe for when it will become available for international shipping? You know, besides mid-2014?


Nope, if we had a more accurate date we would be stating that, rather than mid-2014.


@JulioMiles, @rob Do you have a list of countries to which you will initially begin shipping? I’m living in Poland, but my mom will be visiting in May from California; I’m trying to decide how much time/money would be saved in trying to convince her to bring an extra suitcase of soylent… :grinning:


Unless you want your mom detained by the TSA at her outgoing airport, I don’t think having her try to board an international flight with a suitcase full of whitish powder is such a great idea. :frowning:


You’d be surprised :smile: When she visited me for Christmas, she brought me an unmarked bag full of laundry powder, with no problems. So official packages of Soylent would probably not be a big deal at all :smiley:


I believe there have been one or two posts from beta or DIY users noting that if asked, the key term to use is something like “nutritional/protein/diet supplement/shake/etc”. Not wholly accurate, but easier to explain and close enough that it’s still a reasonable description. And as @mclaypool points out, the “official” branded pouches with nutritional facts would probably also help.


We’ve definitely all flown with our carry-on containing many unmarked ziploc bags of Soylent, never any issue. TSA once made me throw out a few oil bottles though, but otherwise it’s been effortless.


Listed some more on Ebay if anyone is interested


Fancy putting some more on Ebay for international delivery?


I’m one of those that ordered on ebay, but have received no info, no soylent and no response when I have tried to contact @Glintomb4. Any more of you out there?

On ebay the order is listed as ended and I can therefore not complain.


You should be able to open a dispute.


Well, according to paypal “this type of transaction is not eligible for PayPal dispute resolution”. And since it has been more than 90 days on ebay, they don’t even acknowledge the order anymore.


Yeah, Haridasi, I’m currently getting screwed by Glintomb4 too, or at least it feels like it since he hasn’t replied to me yet either.


Same here. The delays on Soylent’s side meant the transaction already was no longer eligible for a refund from eBay or PayPal when the product was finally released, allowing Glintomb4 to just keep the money and run.
eBay merely told me to file a complaint at (which I did).