Re-Order shipping problem


Hi - I placed a re-order on Dec 15. Website states pretty clearly re-orders ship in 1-2 weeks. It’s been a month. Consistent meal replacement doesn’t work without consistent shipping guys. Same email, same address, form email response. What’s going on?


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I reordered on 11/2 and a week ago got an shipping notification showing that it had been delivered to the wrong location and returned on 11/15. I’m hoping that it will be corrected and I’ll get my shipment soon.


Hey @Soylent, I’m already a subscriber, but I’m still waiting on a shipment of 14 bags from December and for an adjustment to my subscription so that I will begin receiving 28 bags a month. I have tried contacting the company through various methods (email, contact form on and rosalabs, twitter) and haven’t even received a confirmation email so far. Please let me know what’s going on.


I put in a reorder last month as well that included another starter kit so I could have a set for work. I got the starter kit but I’ve had no word whatsoever about the soylent itself and haven’t been able to get any replies to my e-mails.


I’m in the same place. My 14 bag reorder was placed November 15th. I tried to ping @Soylent December 15th with no response. It’s now 3 months since I placed my reorder and was charged for it. I posted this same sort of message on another “reorder” thread and have not heard from @Soylent in that thread either. My first reorder went through exactly as expected. This was my second reorder and I’ve heard nothing.

@Soylent three months is a bit long? Anything to say about this?



@Soylent - I as well am having issues with my subscription. It took approximately 2 months to receive my last subscription order and am having issues with the current month as well. Recently, i received a shipping notification that was supposed to be for the January 9th billing; however, the tracking details in the email are for a November shipment that shipped and was delivered to a different city ( i am assuming some other customer). Your assistance would be most appreciated in resolving the current month’s order as well as any issues that may still effect my current subscription. Thank you.


@Soylent I’m a returning customer and I also received an email a few days ago with tracking details for a November shipment that I received 2 months ago (although I received v1.2 back in November, but in the email I got a few days ago it says v1.3?) I had a January 14th billing so I would just like to make sure that nothing was mixed up, and I’ll be receiving my subscription promptly.